Contacts Book

LinkBox comes with a contacts management system called Contacts Book. This allows you to store relevant contact information such as name, email website and other contact-related information.

To view all your contacts, click on the book icon on the bottom right area of the left panel. The Contacts Book panel will appear one the right-side of the window. You will be shown your current contacts list as well as the selected contact information (if any) on the top-most area of the panel.

Adding a new contact

To add a new contact, click on the “add new” button to the right. Enter your contact name and hit return (enter) to save it. Click on the newly created contact to set or edit its information.

Viewing and associating a contact with a backlink

You can also add, view or set an existing contact to a backlink by clicking on the contact field of the desired backlink. If the backlink has a contact already set, the Contacts Book will show its information so you can quickly access it when needed. If you want to set a contact to the backlink, simply select a contact from the contacts list and click on the “use this contact button” to assign the contact to the backlink.

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